SPRING BREAK AT WOODCHASE PARK: Join YAH Teaching Artist from iACT Houston for this free theater performance at Woodchase Park. This production tells four stories about Rabbits: Peter Cottontail, Brer Rabbit, Peter Rabbit and the Velveteen Rabbit. Each tale is performed back-to-back. Audience members are encouraged to help our bunnies escape farmers, make decisions and few will be brought onstage to help play characters. Each story has a Rabbit that makes a discovery. Peter Cottontail realizes that anything can happen onstage and uses his imagination to rule the day. Brer Rabbit has to use wits and smarts to escape becoming Brother Fox’s Rabbit Stew. Peter makes bad choices and recalls his Mother’s lessons to find his way home. Velvet wrestles with where he belongs until love helps him to become a real rabbit. Recommended for ages 2 – adult.